Our services are centered on optimizing performance and enhancing healing. Instead of the general trend to focus on pain management, we focus on performance optimization. We provide a wide array of interventions that are office based and require little to no recovery time. The emphasis on each patient encounter is to first establish an accurate and thorough diagnosis. Then by determining the specific performance goals, a proper intervention may be implemented. By taking this approach, our goal is to avoid needless procedures and rather focus on efficient and effective healing.

Who We Treat

By our measure, everyone is a “performer.” Whether it is working in the garden, typing on a computer, participating in professional athletics, caring for a loved one, performing in a concert—whatever your body needs to do—we must perform in some way. Optimizing performance and using advanced regenerative techniques to facilitate healing is what we are all about.

 What We Treat

Because of everyone’s unique performance requirement, we are committed to treating a whole host of problems. Whether it is pain, movement issues, sensation problems or simply underperformance, we will help determine the best solution for you. In more common terms, we do address joint pain, nerve damage, tendon and ligament disease and back pain. Our approach, however, is much more comprehensive and truly designed to meet your performance needs.